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I read this opinion a while back but didn’t post at the time, but recent events reminded me of the opinion in the Odom matter regarding contempt of court. Aside from the usual advice of “listen to your attorney” (it’s what you pay us for), you need to listen to the judge and answer their questions. In the April 2018 appeal in the Odom v. Odom matter, the Wife (a practicing attorney herself), was not fully answering the court. Keep in mind, the parties were already in court relating to discovery violations (which judges hate) and the Wife was being asked questions relating to discovery under oath from the judge. After numerous threats to take her into custody the court finally had to do so when Wife continued with evasive questions. The point of this story is, WE MEAN IT WHEN WE SAY THE JUDGE WILL THROW YOU IN JAIL! Please listen to us! You may think you are being witty and cute, but all you do is harm your case and earn yourself a few nights in the pokey.

To read the opinion, click HERE or cut and paste the following into the browser: http://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/odom.gary_.opn_.pdf